Who Is Nathan Cook

Business owners, health care professionals and entrepreneurs who have worked with Nathan have increased their productivity, reduced their stress levels and gained confidence in their ability to create what they want in life.

Discipline & Persistence

As a practicing martial artist for over two decades, make in his work with adults and youth to create sustainable habits of success.

Nathan brings a unique perspective to life because he developed consistency, persistence and passion in the lives of every person he interacts with.


As a former outdoor recreation specialist, Nathan took participants of all abilities, including specially gifted clients, on kayaking, rafting, cross-country skiing, white water rafting trips.

His ability to create adaptations for all situations makes him the perfect partner in finding the solution in every situation.

Wisdom & Levity

Nathan is a student of some of the greatest teachers in personal development such as James Allen, Napoleon Hill,  Paul Martinelli, Dr. John C. Maxwell, Paul Scheele and more.


Executive Director With The John Maxwell Team

Since early 2013, Nathan has been partnered with the #1 Leadership Guru in the world, John C. Maxwell. Nathan continutes to be poured into by this great mentor and was recognized in early 2018 by John himself as his "Bowtie coach who sees value and adds values to his clients."

Certifications & Trainings

Nathan is a student of many great teachers and is dedicated to the growth of himself and others.

Transformation Guatemala - 2013

Nathan has loved being on the ground, helping to transform nations. Take a look at a few of the country transformational movements he has been apart of!

Transformation Paraguay - 2016


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