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Many executives and business owners struggle to reach their capacity in life, whether personal or professional. This is not because of a lack of resources, it's due to a lack of prioritization.

Imagine your life was represented by a coffee cup. Most people know what their capacity is to fill their cup, but they continue to overfill it and they are left frustrated and with a mess.

As a coach I work with my clients to maximize their results and capacity by helping them make the best choices that yield the greatest return.

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Nathan Cook is an engaging, high energy speaker who instills excitement in participants to grow and exceed their own expectations.

Nathan leaves participants with practices to implement in their ever day lives which brings improve their current results.

As an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team, Nathan Cook offers keynote presentations on Leadership, Communication, The Model of Human Behavior (DISC), Reclaiming The Brilliance and much more.

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Training Programs

Learning is more effective when you are having fun and it is interactive.

Nathan offers powerful training programs specially designed to be enjoyable, interactive and most important, applicable. Whether you are interested in a mastermind group, sales training, human behavior course, leadership course or learning how to BE and exist to your maximized potential, Nathan will help you and your organization.


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Couples Coaching & Growth Programs

One of the most challenging opportunities we see for couples today is when they don't grow together and begin to grow apart.  We have seen this over the years in numerous our perspective fields and decided that we wanted to make a difference in marriages.

Whether you are interested in couples coaching, an interactive couples class or taking our 8 week couples couples growth journey. We want to help you strengthen your marriage and make it better than ever!

We can't wait to see you grow together!

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There are two things that have majorly contributed to my growth and success in life and I want to share them with you!

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The Leadership Game Experience

Looking for a fun interactive experience for you team to develop their leadership skills?

The Leadership Game is a new, fun, interactive way to raise your teams leadership lid. Come and experience what thousands of teams are finding to be one of the greatest leadership tools ever developed.

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