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Executive Coaching

Many executives and business owners struggling to reach their capacity in life, whether personal or professional. This is not because of a lack of resources, it's due to a lack of prioritization.

Imagine your life was represented by a coffee cup. Most people know what their capacity is to fill their cup, but they continue to overfill it and they are left frustrated and with a mess.

As a coach I work with my clients to maximize their results and capacity by helping them make the best choices that yield the greatest return.

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Nathan Cook is an engaging, high energy speaker who instills excitement in participants to grow and exceed their own expectations.

Nathan leaves participants with practices to implement in their ever day lives which brings improve their current results.

As an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team, Nathan Cook offers keynote presentations on Leadership, Communication, The Model of Human Behavior (DISC), Reclaiming The Brilliance and much more.

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Interactive Programs

Learning is more effective when you are having fun and it is interactive.

Join a Mastermind Group or take a Group Coaching course where you will improve your communication, leadership and over satisfaction in life. By surrounding yourself with other like minded individuals who want to develop themselves, you will experience exponential growth!

Additionally we offer products like "Unstoppable Affirmations" and "Up Level Your Awareness" which help you create the life you have always wanted.         


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Up Leveling Your Awareness

The only way for you to get from where you are to where you want to go is by up leveling your thoughts. By listening ...

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Play The Leadership Game

Looking for a fun interactive experience for you team to develop their leadership skills?

The Leadership Game is a new, fun, interactive way to raise your teams leadership lid. Come and experience what thousands of teams are finding to be one of the greatest leadership tools ever developed.

Register for Leadership Game Night or bring The Leadership Game to your team!

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"As an experienced entrepreneur for decades and after our coaching conversations, Nathan Cook is the real deal! He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Coaching. He is brilliant and innovative at his profession. Nathan's style and approach on professional coaching in regards to personal and business is sincere and uncomplicated. He knows how to give advice that always gives positive results and bring your personal agendas and business goals to the next level. He is a great source for fresh ideas that actually work and he has the ability to help his clients through accountability that makes them extraordinary. Nathan is a trustworthy, upfront and straight talking coach and consultant who has helped my company achieve a lot of success. He over delivers on his promises and is one of the few coaches whose opinions and recommendations I take very seriously. I recommend him without any reservations because he is very knowledgeable and accessible and quite frankly eager to understand your issues at hand so he can customize an optimum solution for your problems."

Carla Andrews
President of Signature Living, Inc / AppleCore Solutions, Program Coordinator at The John Maxwell Team

"Nathan helped me immensely in just a few sessions. He drew out my voice, my confidence and my vulnerability in a skillful and compassionate manner. He introduced me to John Maxwell's definition of leadership, which is to influence by intentionally adding value to peoples' lives. Nathan exemplifies that and is a tribute to the John Maxwell leadership training organization. From his martial arts experience Nathan also prods and encourages action. It's not all about feelings and ideas. This makes him a perfect coach for those who want to grow personally as they grow their business."

Donna Cullen
Attorney/Mediator/Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

"Nathan provides an essential service for any organization that relies on a team embarking on a singular mission. During his training, we were able to acknowledge certain truths about the current status of our interpersonal relationships, reconnect in a creative and fun way, and acknowledge our true goals together. I also believe it helps having another professional from outside your current community to repeat your message, with a new voice. Mr. Cook’s methods come across as noninvasive, time-tested, and adaptable to the situation at hand. I would recommend his services for any team or company. Organizations that feel they have solid systems in place may benefit from his training even more than others. A professional like Mr. Cook may be the only person that can identify failures in the system. He may also be the only one who can elevate it to the next level."

John C. Richardson D.C.
Corazon Chiropractic Clinic

"Nathan Cook is a coach that is not only concerned with you growing your bottom line, he is passionate about you growing your heart. I have had growth in my ability to see what I can accomplish and Nathan help guide me how make those dreams, ideas and heart yearnings to come to fruition. Nathan will always have a part in my business."

Darcey Edwards
Real Estate Broker at Welcome Home Realty, LLC

"Nathan is an amazing, supportive, inspiring coach. Nathan's heart for people shines through whether he is connecting one on one or speaking with a large group of people. I love witnessing Nathan's natural ability to help people get to that next level they are seeking. I strongly recommend Nathan Cook."

Paula Hopwood
Inspirational Speaker, Dream Catching Coach, Master Guide To Your Greatness Within, InSpirit Healer/Reader, Author

"I have participated in two Mastermind series that Nathan Cook has conducted. He has also assisted me for a few sessions as a personal coach. Nathan has an amazing grasp of leadership skills and concepts that he has shared from John Maxwell's books on The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, and The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. He is very engaging, trustworthy, and knows how to challenge people to move beyond their limitations and use their strengths to become great leaders! I greatly appreciate Nathan's work ethic and the valuable lessons I have learned from him about Life and Leadership!"

Sheryl Rindel
LPC, NCC Mental Health Specialist II at Health & Human Services Department Family & Youth Programs